I am Partnerships Proud


... because Northside ISD averages about 20,000 volunteers per year facilitated through the Partnerships Office.

... because we have helped campus administrators value mutually beneficial partnerships and have grown those partnerships annually.

... because through the partnership with the Northside Education Foundation, NISD employees have raised $2 million through the NEF annual pledge drive – thereby, understanding the value of investing in themselves and their colleagues.

... because through our relationship with NEF, more than $2 million in grants have been awarded to teachers and staff.

... because we act as a model of true mutually beneficial relationships by developing and maintaining both external and internal partnerships.

... because our relationship with the Northside Education Foundation has enabled us to help NISD students and staff with their ever-growing need for resources.

... because we have the best volunteers and mentors at our schools who help transform the lives of students every day and we honor their collective impact at the annual Partner-of-the-Year Awards.

... because our department makes customer service a top priority and we have been praised for our excellent customer service on several occasions.

... because each member of our department is a team player who will always lend a helping hand to get the job done.

... because the Partnerships Department provides excellent customer service to all that call or walk into our office.

... because we offer partnership perks to all of Northside.

... because we have a longstanding partnership with Sea World & Fiesta Texas, which allows us to offer discounted park tickets, which in turn makes the community happy by saving them money, all while raising money for our premier partner the Northside Education Foundation.

... because we distribute Gold Cards to seniors, disabled and retired NISD staff as a thank you for their continued support of the NISD.

... because we assist with the distribution of grant funds to NEF grant winners comprised of teachers and other NISD staff.  

... because the partnerships we develop benefit Northside staff and students.

... because we are building community and business partnerships each day with the wonderful people and business patrons of Northside and surrounding areas.