Communications: Web Office

A Recognized School District - A Recognized Website

The Northside Web Information Office was established to provide a central point of reference for the thousands of people including parents, students, realtors, business owners, job seekers, and other community members who are interested in Northside ISD's programs and northwest San Antonio by expanding Northside's web presence.

The Web Team redesigned the NISD website, giving it a more "corporate" look, organizing the information and links in a more intuitive manner, and emphasizing Northside's role as a "family friendly district while preparing to provide tools and enhancements to allow for greater use of the NISD website."

The Web Office is also responsible for assisting all NISD departments in establishing and expanding their web sites. Working closely with department webmasters, the Web Office team provides technical assistance, training and support. Eventually, the support will be extended to the Intranet as well.

The World Wide Web offers school districts an excellent means of sharing information and resources with the community, and Northside ISD is poised to take advantage of this opportunity. The NISD website has rapidly become an Internet "destination of choice" for parents, teachers, students, and community members who want information about San Antonio's premier school district.

You may contact the Web Office at 397-8543.